Great feeback on the Elimo Christmas Tree =)

After our recent post, the response has been incredible, with some of you showing interest in making your own Christmas trees!

We couldn’t let this go unrewarded, so we have decided to publish the gerbers for this little project, in the hope that they can make somebody’s Christmas a bit more… blinkenlight-y!

You can find the gerbers in the updated “Specs” section below.


  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 100mm x 84mm x 7mm
  • Power: 5V @ 500mA (USB Type C)
  • LEDs: APA102-2020-256-6 (Datasheet)
  • Microcontroller: ATTiny167 (Datasheet)
  • Schematics: (PDF)
  • Gerbers: (Zip)
  • Demo Arduino sketch: (.ino sketch)

Images: Imgur Link

Programming Instructions:

  • Install Arduino IDE: External link
  • Install ATTinyCore (via Arduino IDE boards manager): External link
  • Install Micronucleus driver: External link
  • After installing, change the board type in the Arduino IDE to ATTinyCore ATTiny167, and check that the settings in the tools menu all match the image below:

Now you can write your own Arduino sketches and upload them to the tree via the USB-C port. (Note: The USB data pins are only connected to one side of the USB-C, so if it doesn’t work, flip the connector over.)