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Radio frequency design brings its own set of challenges to make an efficient, secure and compliant device. Elimo has delivered projects in the entire frequency range from DC to GHz

The ability to achieve freedom from cables is a wonderful aspect of electronics, but radio brings its own technical, regulatory and security challenges.

Elimo has been through these hoops many times with each of the radio options currently in use. When you ask Elimo for a wireless solution, you can be sure we’ll deliver a device that is reliable at the engineering level, is fully compliant with the regulatory regime in which it is intended to be used and meets the standards you define for the security of the data transmitted. 

“Elimo’s technical prowess is impressive. The device we asked them to build incorporated an advanced AI accelerator together with Bluetooth and bespoke BLE services. Power management was a key constraint for this battery powered device. They optimised so well that the battery life is expected to be nearly a decade, remarkable for any device, let alone one incorporating AI. Owning and being able to modify the firmware was another key point for us. Elimo put the firmware maintenance within our in-house team’s reach by creating a new development environment for them to use.”

Matt Taylor Director, Lightfi