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Low Power

Using state of the art current analysis methods and intimate knowledge of SoC hardware to optimise firmware, Elimo have designed equipment to meet the most stringent battery life criteria

We are all accustomed to devices that pack a lot of performance into a small package and run for long periods between battery charges.

In order to accomplish that performance, one needs to have a highly developed appreciation of the tradeoffs available to the designer. 

Elimo has been down this road countless times and can help you to arrive at a product that optimally suits your customers’ use case or cases. Designing for low power starts with selection of the most appropriate components. From there, one needs to understand the processes that drive power consumption in order to design them out wherever possible, without losing the desired functionality.

Elimo combines its hard-won experience with state of the art current analysis techniques and equipment. In this way, we ensure that every scrap of power used is contributing to the goals of the design.