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Who we are

Elimo Engineering is an agency that provides bespoke hardware development services to Start-Ups and SMEs throughout London and the UK.

We are a London-based professional practice of electronics and firmware engineers. Together our flexible approach and decades of experience in embedded hardware design ensure that we can bring your next concept to life in the best possible way.

What we do

Our offering covers the entire cycle of development, from concept to mass manufacture; we’ll manage the entire scope of electronics and firmware development for you. Whether you need a minimum viable product for looks-like/works-like investor demos, or you are looking to design a mass-produced product, there are always opportunities to benefit from our services.

Our Experience

We have a broad portfolio of works, including:

  • Internet of Things
  • Wearables
  • Ultra-low power sensors
  • Bluetooth / BLE devices
  • Mesh network devices
  • WiFi connected smart devices
  • Smart home devices
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Industrial sensors

The way we work

Every project is special to us in some way.

  • Feasibility analysis

    We assist you in determining the viability of your concept from a technical perspective, estimating time and recurring and non-recurring costs.

  • System architecture design

    The architectural design of any hardware product is critical, we use our experience and expertise to ensure that the system is designed correctly.

  • Electronics design

    We can accommodate projects of any level of complexity and design the electronic hardware accordingly. From component selection to schematic design we have it covered. We will also technically evaluate components where there is a choice of parts available.

  • Printed circuit board layout

    After the schematic design, we will design a PCB layout according to your requirements.

  • Firmware development

    We assist you all the way from product specification through software architecture, board bring-up, firmware development and deployment to manufacturing with a transparent process that you can follow.

  • Prototype production and bring-up

    Possibly the most nerve-wracking part of the project, bringing the prototypes to life; we ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, and the results exceed expectations. There may be more than one round of prototyping for complex designs.

  • Testing and regulatory compliance

    Depending on your specific requirements, we can use our network of certified testing partners to ensure that your product conforms to all relevant technical requirements.

  • Production support

    After countless products brought to market and many more days spent in manufacturing plants, we know how to anticipate and solve manufacturing issues, minimise costs and avoid pitfalls for you.

    Depending on the capabilities of the manufacturer, we can provide a full suite of support tools for production testing, with real time reporting and remote assistance to solve manufacturing issues as they arise.

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Our work covers a wide range of product types and technologies.

Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker

In-bed Sleep Tracker with piezo sensors

Sleep Tracker Manufacturing

Sleep Tracker Manufacturing

Manufacturing and QA automation

VR Syringe

VR Syringe

Syringe for VR Surgery Training System

Bluebell Baby Monitor

Bluebell Baby Monitor

Thread Mesh sensor for baby monitoring

Bluebell Parent Wearable

Bluebell Parent Wearable

Thread Mesh wearable for baby monitoring

Bluebell Smart Hub

Bluebell Smart Hub

Thread Mesh and Wifi Smart Hub for baby monitoring

Allwinner V3s

Allwinner V3s

Evaluation board for Allwinner V3s SoC

Sky Vyper

Sky Vyper

A range of drones from tiny nano-size indoor drones to larger performance drones.

Sky Vyper Controllers

Sky Vyper Controllers

The Sky Viper controller uses proprietary 2.4GHz radio to control Sky Viper drones.

Recoil Gun

Recoil Gun

Bluetooth (BLE) laser quest game with infrared (IR) transmitter and mobile app

Recoil Base Station

Recoil Base Station

Wi-Fi Access Point for a laser quest game based on BLE and IR

Recoil Grenade

Recoil Grenade

Laser quest grenade with infrared (IR) transmitter

Our partners

Collaboration is everything - Our partners network gives our customers more than a design: it gives them an ecosystem that makes the most of their product.

Our Team

At Elimo we are all about engineering.

We believe that our mission is to create, to bridge the gap from an idea to a product that sits in that tight spot where functionality, performance and cost meet.
We believe that our success can only be measured in terms of the success of our clients and that the lifecycle of a project continues after delivery with support and user-driven iteration.
We believe that our experience in different industries gives us the edge to make our solutions succeed.

Matteo Scordino

Matteo Scordino

Founder, Principal Software Engineer

Matteo started his adventures in computing with a Commodore 64 in his childhood bedroom and never looked back. Stereotypical, maybe, but it worked!

After graduating with a Master in Computer Engineering from the University of Pisa, Matteo started his career 12 years ago in the Netherlands designing firmware for NXP Semiconductors. He went on working in a variety of fields, from safety-critical embedded systems in commercial and military aviation to credit card payment for Oil&Gas, wearables, electronic toys and consumer electronics. Having designed software and led international engineering teams from corporations and startups alike, Matteo has acquired a varied experience and a remarkable depth of knowledge in hardware-software co-design, bringing a product idea to the protoype stage, growing the prototype into a finished design and supporting the manufacturing processes with automated tools to scale all the way to mass production.

Matteo strongly believes in cooperation and connecting cultures, which led him to move internationally across the Netherlands, Italy and the United Kingdom and to work closely with design and manufacturing companies in the United States, China and Taiwan. After several successful projects for startups, Matteo realised the natural next step was to build a business around his passion for making things work and somehow managed to convince Simon that was a good idea.

That was the beginning of Elimo Engineering.

Simon Richards-Martin

Simon Richards-Martin

Founder, Principal Hardware Engineer

Simon's passion for hardware goes back as far as his 7th birthday

That's when he was given a range of batteries, lightbulbs, buzzers, and switches to use to play with and make circuits. From there, through his studies at school and in higher education, Simon further developed his passion over his career and is now an accomplished electronics design engineer with several successful projects and a number of commercially available products under his belt.

In Simon's career so far he has found himself involved in a variety of industries, including laboratory equipment, open-cast mining safety devices, satellite broadcast equipment, smart lighting, interactive toys, smart IoT devices, and consumer electronics.

As Elimo's Co-Founder and Principal Hardware Engineer, Simon provides a vision of real-world hardware solutions to complex and varied client specifications, while taking into account the client's needs, ethos, and mission.

Our favourite tech

Every project has its perfect tools. But we have favourites.

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