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The number and variety of sensors is potentially overwhelming. Elimo has decades of experience with the full range of these devices, enabling us to select and deploy the right sensor for our clients

Sensors make it possible to gather an astonishing variety of information about the outside world.

They are so useful that they have become ubiquitous in electronic design, promising endless opportunities to investigate a device’s environment and generate useful responses to it.

With the profusion of devices on offer, there comes a genuine difficulty in finding the right device for your project. Once that choice is made, you still need an effective algorithm to get the best performance out of the device.

Over the years, Elimo’s engineers have deployed a huge variety of these devices. The experience gained lets us make intelligent selections that ensure your project gets sensors that respect the tradeoffs between performance, size and cost. The code we write will extract the data that your project needs and efficiently turn it into accurate information.