Our services


We’re not just PCBs and code. When our clients need a one stop shop for end-to-end product development, we can deliver the finished product packaged and ready to ship to the customer.

Our clients trust us to take the pain out of their development projects, handling all aspects of design from soup to nuts.

Where the emphasis of the product is on function over form, Elimo can design the mechanics for you. This might mean only the enclosure for the device, or extend to the internal or peripheral mechanisms needed for the correct operation of the device. Elimo can ensure that the mechanics work in perfect harmony with the electronics and firmware, ensuring that all three elements contribute to the success of your project.

With that said, we know when to step back: if a project is aimed at consumer markets, we can recommend appropriate designers to make your idea look its best. We have worked very successfully with product design agencies to deliver Elimo-designed functionality that fits perfectly with 3rd party designed form.

“When we need a new interface, we turn to Elimo. They’ve delivered a series of turn-key solutions on time and on budget. Elimo has been a great partner for us in bringing our products to market.”

Derek Nicholson, Fundamental VR