TSC Occupancy Sensor

This device was commissioned to us by a company in the Smart Building industry to provide accurate room occupancy and people placement analytics, while respecting privacy. The brief was for a device that would not just count people in a room, but be able to place them relative to each other and to the room. The device would integrate via Bluetooth Smart with the rest of their building intelligence suite; it would not require mains power, and still run for years on a battery set.

The solution is a thermal camera that feeds into an advanced AI co-processor to recognise the thermal profile of humans in the image and spatially place them in the room; the results are then transmitted over BLE to a hub. Best in class power rails design and minimal-duty-cycle firmware management achieve a final device can last for 5 years of continuous usage between battery replacements.

  • Battery powered room occupancy monitor
  • Wide-angle thermal camera
  • Advanced AI neural network co-processor for minimal time-on
  • Bluetooth Smart radio with custom advertising and services
  • 5 years of operation from 3xAA batteries