Sleep Tracker

In-bed Sleep Tracker with piezo sensors

This Sleep Tracker was commissioned to us as a full project with the purpose to create a device that could independently measure heart rate, breathing rate and sleep phases of one or two people sharing a bed. The device needed to always be out of the way. with no interaction from the user after the initial setup.

  • Wi-Fi interface
  • Measures breathing rate
  • Measures heart rate
  • Monitors sleep phases
  • Based on unobtrusive piezoelectric sensors strip: place them on the mattress and forget about them
  • Automatic Gain Control adapts to different body sizes and mattress types
  • Integrates with AWS IoT Core
  • Seamless setup procedure via BLE
  • Advanced signal processing detects independent heart rates and breathing rates for two individuals on the same bed
  • Industrial design by Map Project Office