Mainline support in kernel 5.11

Where were we?

In case you missed the latest update, Elimo designed a small, powerful Linux System-on-Module, designed for low cost and fast system integration. It’s FOSS and OSHW!

We have buildroot working and booting, and we are in the process of adding support for all peripherals and mainlining it.


The name of our Allwinner S3 based module is Impetus, it now has a working buildroot tree that you can find on our public GitHub repo!

Last week version 5.11 of the Linux kernel was released, and we’re proud to say that it includes the first patches from our mainlining effort!

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The patchset

These patches are mostly about and generally adding support for Ethernet, serial1, putting the module and carrier board on the radar. As a side effect of the review on the patchset, they also introduce some minor tidy up in the compatible strings for S3 based designs, including the Pine64 Pinecube. Also, this adds UART1 support to the dts for the Allwinner V3, and therefore the S3.

What this means for us

As you can imagine, the patchset being in the mainline kernel means that our buildroot repo does not need the patches anymore, and we can directly bring in kernel 5.11. You can find the commit doing exactly that on our repo here.

The next steps will be adding support for the audio codec and the Bluetooth radio on the module.