Providing hardware and software design services
for the SMEs and startup communities in and around London.

We design stuff. We take ideas you came up with, and make them real. We make them work and then we give them back to you.

Fast Prototyping

Big idea. Investors start to show interest,there might be funding so... you need a prototype. Recruiting engineers is slow and expensive, not to mention the cost of providing them with an hardware lab, software licences, SaaS subscriptions... And the funding is not there just yet.

Work around that chicken-and-egg problem with us!


Are you great at product design, but your team does not include hardware/software skill-sets? Do you create mobile or cloud solutions, but one of your customers needs interaction with a physical device?

Let's team up!

Peak Workload

We can make you meet that deadline. We all have been there, we know your pain because we have felt that same pain. A product specification change, two weeks before manufacturing; all your developers allocated to other tasks.

Who you gonna call? Us!

Building Blocks

We can barely keep ourselves from making things, which means we are working on a flexible, affordable platform that our customers can use as a building block or fast prototyping solution.

Ask us how that can help you!